Building Blocks for developing monster chops


Now that you have a great foundation of exercises and concepts from the Congas 101, and Conga Fundamentals courses, it's time to delve a little deeper, and learn some of the secrets to building great technique.

Although your technique is a very personal thing, and you'll be making some choices about what feels good to YOU as you progress. In this course, I'll give you some great insights on how to zoom-in on the mechanics you'll need to understand how to stay relaxed and loose as you start to build some serious speed.

In This Course We'll Learn:

  • How to build strength in our wrists for different strokes

  • Some fun and challenging flam combinations

  • How to develop our single and double stroke rolls

  • All about "the secret hand," and the evolution of modern technique

  • Tips to work on all of our exercises over different grooves

  • Key rudiments to help us add accents to our rolls

  • And WAY more...

Let's jump in!!!




  • LESSON 1 - Single Stroke Building Blocks

  • LESSON 2 - Single Stroke Roll

  • LESSON 3 - Adding Accents

  • LESSON 4 - Flams

  • LESSON 5 - La Mano Secreta

  • LESSON 6 - Changuito Ruffs

  • LESSON 7 - Double Stroke Building Blocks

  • LESSON 8 - Double Stroke Roll

  • LESSON 9 - Singles and Doubles

  • LESSON 10 - Adding Accents