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How does the Conga Chops website work? is a growing collection of educational videos for percussionists. A new video is added to the website every Monday. New courses are added 3 times per year.

What's included in the Courses?

Courses are specifically tailored to guide you through the understanding of specific topics related to your playing. Courses can include anywhere from 10-15 videos each. You can find the audio tracks featured in each lesson in the Loops section of the website.

What's included in the Grooves?

The Grooves section is a collection of rhythms and patterns from all of over the world. Grooves are broken down step-by-step, then put together and played with different variations and at different tempos. You can find audio play along tracks for each video, in the Loops section of the website.

What are Chops, and whats included in that section?

"Chops" is musical slang term used to describe speed, agility, and fluidity on an instrument. The Chops section here on the website contains a collection of challenging phrases to help strengthen all aspects of your playing. You can find a variety of play-along tracks to practice them with in the Loops section of the website.

What's included in the Loops section of the site?

In the Loops section of the site you'll find some amazing play along tracks in different genres and at different tempos featuring Axel Tosca on Piano, Oscar Stagnaro on Bass, and Paulo Stagnaro on percussion. The loops are split up into to sections, "Full Rhythym Section," and "Percussion-Only." You also have the option of listening to each loop with or without the conga part.

How much experience do I need to get started?

None! All of the lessons on the site are taught from a building block perspective. Conceptually they will be accessible by players of all skill levels. Of course, some topics may be more challenging execute than others, and will require some basic musical knowledge, so make sure you start with the Congas 101 Course if you are completely new to the instrument.

How do I renew my Membership?

To renew or upgrade your current membership, please visit the “My Account” page, and select your membership of choice under the “Membership Packages” tab.

How do I cancel my recurring Membership?

To cancel your recurring Monthly Membership, please contact us at least 24 hours before your billing date. Please make sure to include "cancellation" in the subject line of the contact form.